Before and after pictures

It has been a fantastic year for wisterias, with many producing a substantial second flowering that is just coming to an end. Now is the time to give the wisteria a summer haircut if you haven’t already done so. Here are a few before and after photos of wisterias showing their development over the years.

mill-winterMill wisteria beforemills wisteria after53 winter53 during53 AfterCarey Wint wisteriaCarey wisteriaRob beforeRob2wisteria somwisteria som aft

In addition, I want to highlight two particularly beautiful wisterias below that I don’t have ‘before’ pictures for. This first is a Japanese wisteria that had grown too far forward from the wall. It shows that if you selectively hard prune some branches that are reaching too far forward, you can still achieve a successful flowering despite removing flowering spurs (something I am normally loathe to do!).

Curran wisteria

The second is one of my personal favourites, a Japanese white wisteria, pruned and trained by my amazing cousins. Great work, Steve and Emma!


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