Initial pruning
We provide an initial pruning of trees or shrubs to ensure they develop strong, well balanced framework of evenly spread branches. This is a criticially important prune; if it is missed, the tree or shrub can easily develop a misshapen and unbalanced form, which is sometimes difficult to correct and unattractive to behold!

Maintenance pruning
This is an annual or twice yearly prune (as appropriate to the plant), to maintain and perpetuate an ideal shape that encourages flowering and fruiting. Wisteria, roses and vines respond well to this technique.

Hard pruning to encourage strong new growth e.g. coppicing of shrubs for winter stem colour. This is also a suitable technique to encourage the regeneration of hedges. Our team know which species will regenerate from a hard prune.

Specialist pruning and training
We use techniques to control or restrict growth into particularly desired shapes, e.g. topiary and pleaching.  Trained fruit fans, espaliers, cordons produce far more fruit of a better quality if they are treated specialist pruning at the correct times of year.

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