Come and hear about The Gardening Year and the Camino


The Gardening Year and the Camino de Santiago

Vibrant colour in the winter garden, growing plants from leaf stalks, sumptuous wisterias, shade planting and specialist pruning tips … all this and more, including tales from the Camino de Santiago, on Sunday 8th February, 6pm, as part of the Reflect@6 Series, at St James-the-Great, Radley.

Come along to a short talk with plenty of photos, followed by questions (easy ones I hope). I’ll be giving practical tips and demonstrations on some pruning techniques. There are refreshments thrown in at some point in the evening.

All welcome!

When: 8th February 2015, 6pm
Where: St James-the-Great, Radley Church
How long does it last? 1 hour
Is there parking? Yes, 50 yards east beyond the church.
How do I find it?,-1.245985,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x7da8e0b85b580e0a


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